Exhibit repair & upgrade


Maintenance and repair are a part of an exhibit's life. Handling and storage take their toll, as do the effects of dust and spiders as well as heat and humidity. Glue dries out and lets go and colors fade. Sometimes an existing diorama is identified as being essentially worthwhile but doesn't tell the story well or accurately. Below are two such examples.

Each of the project galleries will be introduced by a brief description of the project, including the identification of the client (who and where), an explanation of the diorama's existing problems as identified by the client, the challenges represented, and our solution. The scale, including the size of the figures, is given for each project, as well as any other noteworthy information. Clicking on each picture will open a page with more information.

"The Juzgado"
1994 -- San Jose CA Historical Association's Fallon House and Peralta Adobe

Size: 48" x 48"
Scale: 1/4" = 1 foot (1/48th scale)
Figures: 24 @ 1 1/2" tall
Changes required: Repair damage on 30 year old model; conduct research in order to tell a broader and more historically accurate story



"Santa Cruz Powder Mill"
1993 --Santa Cruz CA McPherson Center for Art & History

Size: 30" x 72"
Scale: 1/2" = 1 foot (1/24th scale)
Figures: 4 @ 3" tall
Changes required: Evaluate 50+ year old model to accomplish needed repairs and enhancements; develop dynamic diorama out of this locally built historical model to serve as the centerpiece of a larger exhibit

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