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The Snyder family of Moments In Time Exhibits - Who we are, what we do and why you should select us for your project.

Moments In Time Exhibits is a 3-person family studio which has been actively involved in the design and creation of historically precise, theatrically dynamic, highly detailed dioramas since 1991. Our partnership consists of Tom and Joanne Snyder and Tom’s sister, Martha. All of us have spent time working in museum environments in a variety of capacities. Our projects benefit from our team approach. Although the three of us can gang up on most any modeling task, each of us has particular strengths and talents that help determine some work assignments.


We are members of the Oregon Museum Association, and taught a workshop on creating dioramas at a conference of the National Association of Museum Exhibitors (NAME), a branch of the American Association of Museums.



Joanne Snyder is our talented miniature assembler/fabricator who started creating miniatures as a hobby in 1985 and is an active member of the Eugene Miniature Club today. A bonified ‘green-thumb’ in the full-scale world, she is an inspired botanical replicator who paints life into our plants, costumes and attitude into our little people, and wear and tear into our modeled world. Joanne applies a superb sense of color in her paint work. She is a lifelong history enthusiast and a first rate researcher. Her experience teaching elementary school (BA in Education) for several years gives her good insight in how to successfully explain historical events and times to children.



Martha Snyder is our "Mother Nature" - the sculptor of mountains, canyons, streams, rivers, big water, trees, stumps, rats, birds, and people. She brings her fine arts credentials (BA of Fine Arts/Sculpture and Design) and experience as a practicing sculptor to bear in each exhibit, in addition to her own excellent sense of color, and of landscape. She too is a first rate researcher. As the exhibit coordinator for a local (Eugene) gallery for over ten years, she has combined her talents as a sculptor with her interest in tactile (touchable) art and graphics for the blind and visually impaired as an aid to their participation in museum dynamics.



Tom Snyder is our designer (BA in Industrial Design). He is also our primary salesman, project coordinator, engineer, and carpenter. Tom is a great scratch builder and a master of the ‘one-off’, his skills honed in 30 years of slot car building and racing. He is a detail fanatic with a sense of how scale physics works in our scenes. Also a good researcher, Tom brings a sharp eye for continuity to our historical sleuthing. His imagination inspires much of the interconnecting detail included in the stories that we develop and present.


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