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Do you or someone you know have a family or personal "moment in time" that you wish could be remembered in a 3-dimensional model? A family cabin by the lake?; a favorite fishing spot?; Grandmother's kitchen at canning time on the farm? Have you got pictures? Are you a model railroader with an unfulfilled vision for a track-side scene? Are you a racer with memories of a hard faught battle at the local oval, or at the SCCA run-offs at Mid-Ohio? At Moments In Time Exhibits, although our primary focus is the design and creation of dynamic, historically accurate scale dioramas depicting particular "moments in time" for museums and visitors' centers, we are happy to contemplate with you the possibility of creating such a personally important "moment in YOUR time" for you and yours.



Below we have gathered for you a gallery of images highlighting different personal collector projects.
Itchington Junction - 1840"
Scale = 1/16th inch = 1 ft. = 1/192nd scale = "N" gauge in model railroading size
Base = 24"x 36"x 12" tall
Figures = a dozen @ about 5/16" tall


"Itchington Junction - 1840", an imaginary junction of two British canals, including a lock, a "bridge-hole", two horse-drawn narrow boats and a water's edge pub, in the time before the railroads were developed

Created as a celebration in 1/160th scale of a family canal boat excursion in middle Briton, the entire scene (above) lives upon a 24" by 36" base. The figures are 3/8th inch tall, and the buildings are cut-outs from souvenir post cards found during the excursion. The plan is to build the scene into a glass-topped coffee table.

"Thompson Road at the Inter-Urban crossing - 1935 ...'Come on! Let's giv'er a push!!' "
Scale = 1/8 inch = 1 ft.- 1/87th scale = HO gauge in model railroading size.
Case = 7" deep x 7" high x 24" wide
Figures = 6 @ about 3/4" tall

Granny at 85 liked to tell the story of how her tan '32 Ford would stall on the Inter-Urban tracks after her right turn off of Southeastern Avenue onto Thompson Road almost every afternoonon her way home from work. The guys from the gas station across the Avenue would all run to her aid and push her over the tracks before the fast and frequent south-side Indianapolis Inter-Urbane trolley came along. Some one in the family decided it would be fun to provide her with some visual aids to the story telling.

Granny's story box, with the acetate dust cover, is 7"x 7"x 24" wide.

"There's this spot on The McKenzie..." (a demonstration piece)
Scale = 5/16 inch = 1 ft. = 1/35th scale = a common WWI & II military modeler's scale
Base = 9 1/2"x 12 1/2"x 16" high
Figures = 1 @ 2" tall

  This piece was created as the fourth and final development in a demonstration of some of our modeling techniques for a meeting of the Oregon Museum Assoc. The other three showed other stages of the layering process which results in the rich texture of our three-dimensional "paintings". Joanne hand-makes these trees, and sifts and sorts the layers of sand and gravel she chooses from her pallet of ground materials. She also selects the "shrubs" and grasses from her collection of mosses, lichen and other organic details, all treated to avoid the inclusion of any insect life into a scene.
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